PATUPI Beautifully Good

The Chocolate Butter Mint Face and Body Cream worked wonders for my skin. It's like nothing I've ever used before. The mint leaves a nice, refreshing feeling on my face and the formula is perfect for my sensitive and combination skin. It doesn't leave my skin with that oily residue like other moisturizers do and it hasn't broken me out. This product is absolutely amazing!

- Karla R.

I tried several of these products.  They are terrific!  The chocolate mint butter cream is my favorite.  It goes on smoothly and smells great.  I use this to moisturize my skin.  The Serene Cream is a clean clear moisturizer that I use to add extra moisture to my skin.  Before I use these products I use the sugary scrub.  This is the best product!  It smells great and exfoliates gently.  Finally, the lavender scrub is also my favorite.  The smell is calming and beautiful.  A unique line!  I am a repeat customer and always will be!

- Theresa F.

The Peppermint Body Wash is Fabulous!

- Dr. Joe M.D.

At first I wasn't sure about the smell of the muscle jelly ... but once I used it two or three times, it was so relieving of my sore muscles from standing on my feet all day.  I use it on my shoulders, knees, and feet.  Now my husband is using it and I need more!

- Sharon W.